Mother Earth Travel Mug
Mother Earth Travel Mug

Mother Earth Travel Mug

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We’ve only got one Earth, take care of her! Stop using disposable mugs that don’t get recycled and sit in a landfill for like ever.

Holds 14oz

All items are made with love! You may not get the one pictured, they all slightly vary from one another, but that is the beauty of handmade! If there is a significant difference, I tend to create another listing for the particular piece. 

Travel mug is wheel thrown very carefully until the measurements of the lip are just right for the silicone lids. They are slightly dried before trimming, then kept under plastic to slowly dry. Finally, the mug is left out to completely dry before it’s first kiln fire. Once fired, using a stencil, I paint the underglaze, then a wax resist on top, dip in glaze and clean up for crisp lines before it’s second and final firing.

before it’s second and final firing.

•Microwavable and dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended for a longer life!

*HANDLE WITH CARE, with a very hot beverage, the outside will be very hot!!! I’ve provided a felt sleeves to use before it comes down to a comfortable temperature*

•Earth and Empathy Ceramics is all about sustainable shipping, so you may get plastic bubble wrap, you may get paper wrap, but at this time everything is reused packaging, aside from some (recycled) boxes! We urge you to reuse the packaging, recycle it, or find a local small business you can bring it to who can reuse it! Please help us take care of our Mother Earth, we only have one!