Anvil Dust Earrings
Anvil Dust Earrings

Anvil Dust Earrings

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These earrings are created with a white body clay, rolled out by hand until it’s thin enough to be lightweight but sturdy. Once it’s dried, it’s fired once, then a white glaze is applied and “anvil dust”—the bits of metal that flake off while Jeff Bridgers, of Forge & Foundry is hammering orange glowing steel rods on his anvil—is sprinkled over the glaze. Fired once more, the glaze encases the  “anvil dust” as it melts, creating a beautiful texture and unique look. Earring wires are nickel free for sensitive ears.

Brown paper jewelry box is included with your order. 

All items are made with love! You may not get the one pictured, they all slightly vary from one another, but that is the beauty of handmade! If there is a significant difference, I tend to create another listing for the particular piece.